Maumi New Testament (NT) translation


Catechist Maika Raisilisi expressed his joy as the completion of the Maumi New Testament (NT) translation draws near. Maika is one of the translators of this project which has been running for the past 8 years. A workshop to conduct the final proofreading of the text was held in the village church on 17th April, 2018 where Catechist Maika shared from the Gospel of John chapter 14 during the devotion. He mentioned that the Maumi community is looking forward to the completion of the New Testament and God's Word will clothe the community now and in the future. As part of his reflection, he said some powerful words claimed to be echoed by some Indian locals when the missionaries first brought the Gospel to India, quoting: “Don’t give us the Gospel in a pot plant; give us the seed of the Gospel (Jesus) so we can grow it in our own soil."

At present, there are only a few elders in Maumi who still speak the language. The new generation hardly speak in Maumi but the common Fijian (Bauan) language amidst other district and provincial dialects. This was evident at the workshop as one of the proofreaders struggled to read in Maumi at the start but improved a lot as the checking exercise progressed. Nevertheless, the village elders are happy that through this translation project, their language will definitely be salvaged from being lost. This comes with the hope that the completed Maumi New Testament will encourage the speaking of the mother tongue and keeping the language alive in the community.

Asia Pacific Common Framework Workshop

The American Bible Society (ABS) Global Mission have taken the initiative to organize The Common Framework Model (CFM) Workshop for Bible Societies in the Asia Pacific region where they are currently funding or hopes to fund translation projects.

The Common Framework Model (CFM) for Scripture translation and engagement that American Bible Society (ABS), UBS and major translation agencies in the world have a criterion for project development and funding support.

The agenda for the two days’ workshop covered:

1. Five Principles of CFM – How does this translate into actions

2. Orality – the significance and various uses of Orality in Scripture Engagement

3. Capacity Building on Systems – Training National Bible Societies to enhance their operational skills

4. Review Current Translation Portfolio – Current and planned languages projects

5. Scripture Engagement – Integration of SE as part of Bible translation.

The CFM two day workshop was funded by the ABS from 16 to 17 February, the workshop was hosted by the Bible Society of Indonesia.

Mrs Ledua Turaganivalu attended this consultation on behalf of the Bible Society of the South Pacific.

Asia Pacific Common Frane Work

Participants of the South East Asia Common Framework Workshop

Sunday School Workshop for Teachers

An informative workshop for Sunday school teachers was conducted by Mrs. Iva Teilai on 15 January at Naila village. The workshop was for Sunday school teachers that were going to use the Magimagi project Sunday School materials. A total of 8 participants were present at the workshop.

The second Sunday school workshop was held a week later on the 22nd of January. The workshop was facilitated by Iva Telai, Urmila Prasad and Susana Aropio.

The participants said that they have never been to a Sunday School Workshop and that they have learnt a lot even though they have been Sunday School Teachers for a long time. They were also surprised to learn that the Spiritual, the normal life in the village and the financial being of a person are all tied together to bring prosperity.

Sunday School Teachers

Sunday School Workshop facilitators. (Back L-R): Mrs Susana Aropio and Mrs Urmila Prasad (Front L-R): Mrs Eva Telai and Vakatawa Maika Naisilisili

Trauma Healing Train the Trainers

Trauma Healing

Trauma Healing Workshop participants and facilitators

An equipping session to train new facilitators for the Bible Society Trauma Healing program was conducted at the St Christopher’s Home in Nakasi (Fiji) on 9-13 January, 2017. Participants at the training included trainees from Davuilevu Theological College, Operation Foundation, Pacific Students for Christ, and the Bible Society South Pacific. Everyone were certified as ‘Apprentice Facilitators’ including the Bible Society Finance Administrator, Mr Isikeli Sila, saying, “The workshop was indeed an eye-opener for me in that I can see now the importance of healing people of their hurts and past trauma otherwise their hurts can impinge their behaviour negatively.” The Fijian iTaukei translated Trauma Healing booklet is almost ready for use and the Society aims to run some workshops in three areas affected by Cyclone Winston namely, Dawasamu, Ovalau and Savusavu. The translation of the Trauma Healing book into the other languages of the Pacific is still in progress. The Society will be glad to work with interested churches and people who wish to know more about this Trauma healing program should you make contact.

Proclaim the Good News through the Proclaimer

ProclaimerPartnership between the Society and FCBH (Faith Comes By Hearing) has continued to grow over the years. An early visit to the Bible House this year by FCBH International Language Recording Coordinator, Erik Stapleton, has helped both parties to plan together and engage in specific mission programs. The last recording done so far in the Pacific was the Kiribati Contemporary NT in last September. Just recently, Erik is planning to ship 138 mid-sized Proclaimers and 12 larger units to Kiribati in March. Talks are continuing on the recording of the New Testament in other Pacific Island languages.

The FCBH proclaimers by and large play a key role in proclaiming the Good News to a larger group of people when connected to a PA system or even the radio station. The latest product in the market to date is the newly built mid-sized Proclaimer that can proclaim the Good News in more than one language. The Society is therefore grateful for the provision of such important mission tools by FCBH through Erik, with the Fiji based proclaimers having the options of playing it either in English, Fiji-Hindi, or in the Fijian iTaukei language.

MagiMagi Stretches to Fourth Community in 2017

Since the launch of the Bible Society’s holistic approach to community development under the MagiMagi project in January 2015, the start of this year saw the extending of the project into a nearby community, Naila village.

A total of 150 bibles and other scripture materials were distributed at the official launching of the program in Naila on Sunday 8 January,

MagiMagi Project

A Cell group leader sharing the Cell Group’s aims and approach for the month of February

2017. Now, the number of communities has risen to four within the Bau district of the Tailevu province in Fiji.

The spiritual capital of this project has been focusing steadily on developing the children’s Sunday School curriculum and its application for the last two years. Discipleship programs has been also woven into this project and a special cell group manual recently published.

With the ongoing support of the Bible Society of New Zealand, the economic capital and cultural capital are the other two key areas of focus in the program. The program is earmarked to be trialed out in a community in Vanuatu this year, which is part of the wider goal to bring this innovating program into the Pacific. This is in line with the vision of the Bible Society: “The Pacific to be Communities of the Word.”

Tongan Bible Project Boosted


Tongan Church leaders serving as Bible translators in the TCOT project

New achievements continue to be realized on the Tongan Contemporary Old Testament (TCOT) project. The prospect of this ongoing work to be a success story in being the first Old Testament project in the South Pacific to be completed in the shortest time possible is quickly becoming a reality. Since the start of the project in Nukua’lofa after the first workshop in October 2015, there are only four Old Testament books left for drafting.

This is a show of true dedication and commitment since this group of translators converge at the Tokaikolo Catholic Centre in Nukua’lofa for bible translation work every morning until lunch time on every Mondays to Wednesdays. The review process is bound to start in March after the planned review workshop on 13-17 March, 2017. This project is boosted further by the recent appointment of a key translator, the Rev. Dr. Ma’afu Palu, who is now a member of the Global Translation Advisor for the Asia Pacific under the United Bible Societies. In effect, he, as a Tongan native, now becomes the new Translation consultant of the project. The Society congratulates Rev Ma’afu for this great news and for being a first for BSSP.

First Scripture in the Western-Fiji iTaukei Language Celebrated


Launching of the Gospel of Mark in the Ba dialect.

More than 300 people converged at the Nailaga Methodist Church on Sunday 4th December 2016 to witness the launching of the “Tuxutuxu Vina sa Vola xo Marixa - ena Tata vaxa-Ba” (Gospel according to Mark in the Koronubu-Ba language). Receiving the first scripture booklet in the Western-Fiji itaukei language at this historical occasion was the prominent chief of the province, the Gone Marama na Tui Ba, Adi Senimili Cagilaba. She thanked the Bible Society and everyone who worked tirelessly on this special project. It is the first of its kind and more books of the New Testament will be translated and published in the coming years. The support from the ‘vanua’ and the Churches in Nailaga Ba was tremendous. Many people showed a lot of excitement about this project especially when the gospel is written in the new writing system of the Fijian


Bible Society General Secretary, Mr Solomone Duru presents the Koronubu-Ba Gospel of Mark book to the Marama na Tui Ba Adi Sainimili Cagilaba.

itaukei language; for example, the adoption of ‘x’ instead of ‘k’ to specifically sound out the guttural ‘kh’ (or ‘chet’ in Hebrew). God’s Word in the Koronubu language is indeed a timely Christmas gift for the Ba community in this advent season.


Encouraging Bible Society Work in Niue


Church Executives Niue (EKN)

A meeting with the Church leaders of Niue (EKN) about an agreed way forward for the development of Niue scriptures was carried out in Niue during the visit of the Bible Society General Secretary, Mr Solomone Duru on 9-13 August, 2016. The meeting was held at the EKN Headquarters in Alofi, the capital of Niue. The meeting discussed various concerns on the Niue Bible including the copyright, printing, e-copies, piracy, and version to be put online. The forum also discussed the way forward for the Niue Hymn book. The key church leaders present were the EKN President, the Reverend Vili Viviani and the General Secretary, the Reverend Nukanuka. The women members of the meeting had a strong voice too which was helpful. The make-up of the meeting comprised of Church executives, pastors and government officials. At the end, a positive outcome was the keenness of the church to revive the Bible Society Committee again which has not been functioning for about 20 years. The Bible Society now looks forward to working together with the Niue Church in the future by making God’s Word available in other agreed formats for the Niue community.

Bible-a-Month Donors Acknowledged at Annual Dinner


BSSP Donor's Dinner 2016

The Society’s Annual Donors’ Dinner was held at the Holiday Inn in Suva on the 28th of November. A little more than 100 people attended the fundraising event which was a success. The Every Home for Christ Ministry Regional Director, Pastor Manasa Kolivuso, was the Guest speaker for the evening and spoke on the theme for the evening, “God’s Word - Living Hope for All”. As a Bible Society donor himself, he challenged everyone at the Fundraiser to


The representatives from the Methodist Church of Fiji and Rotuma at the BSSP Donors Dinner

support the Bible work in Fiji and the Pacific. Ongoing Bible-a-month donors were acknowledged and the invitation extended to potential donors present that evening as the Society continues to seek new donors who are willing to commit themselves to praying and giving towards the ministry. Also acknowledged were a number of long time faithful supporters of the Bible Society work who have passed on to be with the Lord.