Bible Week 2019



Reading the bible and living the bible

  1. From the 1st – 3rd of July – Sukuna Park

Youth explosion

  1. From the 4th – 6th of July – Sukuna Park

It’s About Life

Receiving Life…Giving Life…Sharing Life…Living Life

In the opening verses of Ecclesiastes, Solomon the Wise King declares, in sincere exasperation:“Nothing makes sense! Everything is nonsense. I have seen it all—nothing makes sense! What is there to show for all of our hard work here on this earth? People come, and people go, but still the world never changes. The sun comes up, the sun goes down; it hurries right back to where it started from. The wind blows south, the wind blows north; round and round it blows over and over again. All rivers empty into the sea, but it never spills over; one by one the rivers return to their source. All of life is far more boring than words could ever say. Our eyes and our ears are never satisfied with what we see and hear. Everything that happens has happened before; nothing is new, nothing under the sun. Someone might say, “Here is something new!” But it happened before, long before we were born. No one who lived in the past is remembered anymore, and everyone yet to be born will be forgotten too. (Ecclesiastes 1:2-11 CEV)

It’s jarring how accurately our contemporary world echoes his ancient words as a prophetic culmination of his existential crisis. What is life all about? Who is this God and where is He in the midst of the chaos that threatens to overwhelm? Where is He in our personal suffering and why do we even bother if all this ends in nothing? How can life be, in the same instant, both frenetic and boring? Even with all the progress the world has made since Solomon’s time, why are we left so unfulfilled? Are there answers to these questions?

Yes, there are. The Bible is relevant in today’s culture and has always been. This website will share with you personal testimonies, Scripture resources, and information about events that we hope will encourage you in your spiritual journey, inspiring and challenging you to actively and intentionally engage with the Word of God.

Courtesy to the Canadian Bible Society.