Healing the Wounds of Trauma in the Pacific

Project Summary-Running from Jan 2018 to Dec 2018

Bible-based Trauma Healing is probably the greatest need in Fiji and the South Pacific today. Many people in Fiji and Vanuatu are still experiencing so many traumas after the devastation of Tropical Cyclone Pam (Category 5) that hit Vanuatu in 2015 and Tropical Cyclone Winston (also Category 5) that hit Fiji in February 2016. Apart from natural disasters that continually affect the Pacific island nations such as floods, tsunamis, landslides, etc., many other crisis that lead to trauma are on the rife including domestic violence, rape, physical and sexual abuse, addictions, suicide, and racial/religious tensions. In attempting to address such a gigantic need, the Bible Society of the South Pacific has lately adopted the American Bible Society’s Trauma Healing Program with the use of the book, “Healing the Wounds of Trauma: How the Church Can Help” to help heal the wounds of the hearts of people beginning in Fiji. However, the funding for this program in Fiji ends by December 2017; hence BSSP is quickly submitting this new Project Proposal with the hope to get the much needed funds to continue this very important work and ministry in Fiji and extending the work in Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Samoa, Kiribati, and Tuvalu. Some Healing Groups and translation of materials into a handful of other Pacific languages has also begun. This project will look into the facilitation of Healing Groups, the training of the trainers, and the translation of the Trauma Healing materials into the various languages in the Pacific.

Project Goal

To build and strengthen relationships with the churches and communities through this Bible based Trauma Healing project throughout the South Pacific
To help find healing for people who have suffered tremendously from ongoing trauma based on the effects of natural disasters and other terrible causes of trauma in Fiji and the South Pacific.
To help build a strong team of Facilitators from all key Churches and Christian Ministries who can truly maximise the use of the Trauma Healing resources available.
To make the TH materials available in the language of the South Pacific people through translation and adaptation.

Project goal’s relationship to overall bible society strategy

The Bible Society of the South Pacific is privileged to play a pivotal role in 2015 in the establishment and continued development of the Trauma Healing ministry in Fiji and other Pacific countries. This has been made possible through the encouragement of the General Secretary, Mr Solomone Duru, who saw the need for this ministry in the Pacific and particularly the translation of its material into the core languages in Fiji. The three Trauma Healing training workshops that were achieved so far within a span of six weeks (9th July to 13th August) is a testimony of God’s faithfulness and provision. The partnerships with the American Bible Society’s Trauma Healing Institute, the Seed Company, other donors, and those who helped facilitate the seminars are greatly acknowledged as well.

Trauma Healing Workshop with Rev Wesley Neal (9/7/15 – 13/8/15)

Reverend Wesley Neal, a Lecturer at the Davuilevu Theological College in Nausori,Fiji facilitated the first Trauma Healing seminar for the Bible Society Staff. The invitation was extended to other Church leaders and/or counsellors who met every Thursdays between 2-4pm at Yarawa Wesley Church for six consecutive weeks. Assisting Rev Wesley during the first 3 weeks was Rev Saiasi Kawa whose also from the Davuilevu Theological College. The seminar was successfully completed on Thursday 13th August and the challenge given to every participant to conduct a small healing group in their church or community in the near future.

Kingdom Kids

Project Summary-Running from Mar 2016 to Dec 2018

The Kingdom Kidz project will address the glaring need to provide the children and the youths in the Pacific scriptural materials in the medium that will draw them to God’s Word. Children & Youth in the Pacific are the most ignored group in terms of scripture materials that are specifically created and specially made available for them. The Bible Society through this project will be able to provide relevant scriptural materials to be distributed during Youth camps, rallies, and other programs targeting children & youths that are run by Mission groups like Scripture Union, Campus Crusade, Pacific Youth for Christ, Olofou Youth Group and a Lifeline Counselling ministry housed at the BSSP HQ in Suva. With the BSSP newly installed Print On Demand facility, printing of scriptural booklets, pamphlets’, workbooks, portions, selections and tracts relevant for the target audience will be done in-house.

Project Goal

To see 20,000 children & youth across the South Pacific (Fiji, Samoa,Tuvalu,Kiribati, Solomon Is. & Vanuatu) deepening their relationship with God through meaningful engagement with scripture.

Project goal’s relationship to overall bible society strategy

The project goals will ensure that the Youths and children of the Pacific communities have been reached with Gods’ word.

Weaving the Bible with the Pacific People’s Lives and their Resources

The Magimagi Program – Project Summary-Running from Jan 2011 to Dec 2020

Many people in the rural areas in the Pacific would own a Bible but fail to experience its life-changing purpose because of either their lack of knowledge in what this very important book is all about, or lack the skills and understanding of how they can use it, or both. This project therefore serves to meet such need to enable these people to appreciate more the bible and learn how to use it appropriately for God’s glory.
Through this project, the Bible Society also partners with these communities in developing all facets of life including their resources (land) as we together aspire towards the state of ‘well-being’ (spiritual, physical, economic, social, cultural, etc.) of the community. This project will be piloted at the Maumi village community, which is located about 25km from Suva, the capital of Fiji.

Project Goal

a. That the Maumi Community becomes a Community of the Word: Through majority of the people understanding and aspiring towards a state of well-being from a biblical world view.

b. By the end of 2018, Community partnership and development (cultural, socio-economic, and spiritual) advanced for MagiMagi project through the existing Bible Translation program.

c. By 2018 revitalized culture through Bible translation and social cultural interventions. Through the Community being united in their single purpose of attaining well-being for them individually, the family and the community

d. By 2020, the lives and resources of the people of Maumi village as a Pacific community would be woven with the Bible with respect to their well-being, unity, and progress – physical, social and spiritual. Through physical and spiritual progress witnessed in individuals, homes, clans and the village that reinforces effective of scriptures

Project goal’s relationship to overall bible society strategy

This project aims to engage the communities of Maumi Villagers in God’s word through the scriptures that are distributed to them free and also from the study of the scriptures during their organized get together. This connects with Bible Society of the South Pacific’s objectives of engaging the communities with God’s Word.


Encouraging Spiritual Life in West Pacific Countries through Bible Translations and Other Scripture Products

Project Summary- Running from Jan 2008 to Jan 2021

This project supports all the Bible translation programs and development of other Scripture tools and products such as the Scripture comics, Bible concordances, Bible dictionaries, Bible study materials, etc. in countries in the west of the South Pacific.
The three main countries are Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, and New Caledonia. The support for the development of Scripture products in terms of Bibles, portions, comics, selections, Bible concordance, Bible engagement materials, etc. all aim to deepen and strengthen the spiritual lives of the people in partnership with the body of Christ. Training workshops to educate people on the new scripture products will also be a critical part of this project.

Encouraging Spiritual Life in Eastern Pacific Countries through Bible Translations and Other Scripture Products

Project Summary-Running from Jan 2016 to Jan 2025

This project supports all the bible translation programs and other scripture tools or products such as the scriptural comics, bible concordances, bible dictionaries, bible study materials, bible scanning/proofreading, etc. in countries on the east of the South Pacific. In addition, training workshops to promote these new scripture products will be conducted to help bring awareness to the Church and the general public.
Bible Translation work under the Bible Society South Pacific has continued to help develop and deepen the spiritual lives of individuals and Churches in the Pacific through this multiple year project. The project in particular focuses on the development of the body of Christ in one section of the Pacific, the Eastern Pacific Islands which includes Niue, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Kiribati, Wallis & Futuna, Tuvalu, Cook Islands, and the French Polynesian countries.

Ba – Gospel of Mark

1. To complete the review of Mark chapters 4-16 (whole book)
2. To recruit 2 or 3 new translators
3. Give out the gospel of Mathew, Luke and John for translation
4. Get the translators sign a Translation Contract.
5. To pay the Translator and the reviewers team their dues.


Ba Reviews

Ba Gospel of Mark Review

On Wednesday at 8.30 am, a team of 7 men and women gathered together at Ba Town Methodist church and carry out a verse by verse checking of Rev. Savenaca’s 1st translation draft. We started from Mark chapter 4 and we finish the day at 5pm reaching chapter 8. It was a slow start due to the majority of the reviewers not trained in the know how.

To help speed up work the next day which was our last day, we distribute the 9 remaining chapters to them to read in the night and mark off any corrections or improvement they suggested. At 6.00 pm we presented our sevusevu to the elders of Ba Town Methodist Church and also they presented theirs to us. We spend 2 hours of talanoa around the bowl discussing and answering questions about Translation work and Ba Translation project to an interested group of men.

On Thursday we started at 8.30 am again beginning at chapter 9 but unfortunately the volunteers still need to learn more. We pushed on to 4.30 pm but only managed to finish chapter 12. Since we need to complete the chapters from 13 – 16 I requested the volunteers if they are willing to continue tomorrow as it will be expensive if I go back to Suva and come back for the remaining chapters. With a little of dicussion the volunteers agreed in which this time the venue will be at Rev. Savenaca Nakeke’s residence in Nasolo.

Ba Team

Ba Gospel of Mark review team

On Friday the last day we started at 8.30am with just 3 people. By 9.00am everybody was in Rev Nakeke’s house was ideal for the day. It was quiet and away from town, with beautiful scenery and cool breeze throughout the day. They were a few ladies serving us with refreshments and lunch. We worked till 6pm completing the 16th chapter of Mark. Then I had to leave in a hurry at 6.00 pm to catch the last bus from Lautoka to Suva at Ba bus stand.

It was a 3 day of continuous checking of every verse in those chapters. I admired the endurance and the lively participation of those men and women. It was my joy to work with them.



 Ba, Fiji

Honiara Solomon Islands Comic Workshop