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A website that hosts resources for your churches is now live and can be accessed on www.jaal.bible.org.fj. Please register now

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Vision & mission





Vanua Balavu Island, a captivating blend of coral and volcanic beauty, spans an area of 53 square kilometers (20 square miles) and …

4th – 13th February, 2023. Vision Day Australia encompassed a dual focus: a showcase of Bible Society Australia’s accomplishments throughout 2022 and …

In the beginning of 2022, the Bible Society of the South Pacific-Fiji Missions team received an invitation to visit Batiki, and the …

As of December 2022; after the recruitment of the Program Manager Mrs. Renata Netaf, she has met with 14 leaders from Churches …

In  an effort to share the message of Easter and bring joy to the lives of orphaned children, children in communities and …

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Mission Trainings

By offering these diverse trainings, you can cater to individuals seeking personal growth, professional development, or a deeper understanding of specific subjects. Each training addresses unique areas of focus and can contribute to the personal and professional enrichment of participants.

iTaukei Bible Reading Plan

Want to read the entire Bible for the year? Well you can!

Click on the download button below to get a Fijian Bible Reading .


Geoffry Miller

General Secretary

The role of the General Secretary is to oversee the day-to-day operations and strategic direction of the organization.

Contact: 7733988/7425234
Email: gmiller@bible.org.fj

Rev Apenisa Lewatoro

Director Publishing

The role of a Director of Publishing is to oversee and manage the organization’s publishing and translation initiatives.

Contact: 7733988/9734494
Email: agape@bible.org.fj

Amena Volavola

Mission Coordinator

The role of a Mission Coordinator is to oversee and coordinate the organization’s mission trainings.

Contact: 7733988/917637
Email: avolavola@bible.org.fj

Vili Mavoa

Finance Manager

The role of a Finance Manager is to manage the financial operations of the organization.

Contact: 7733988/7213848
Email: amavoa@bible.org.fj

Avisai Daveta

Web Marketing Officer

The role of a Marketing Officer is to develop and implement marketing strategies to promote the organization’s mission and raise awareness, engage audiences and drive the adoption and utilization of Bible-related materials in digital format. 

Contact: 7733988/2964331
Email: avisai@bible.org.fj

Marika Waqanivalu

Fiji Translation Coordinator

The role of a Fiji Translation Coordinator involves in overseeing and coordinating the translation of the Bible into various languages in Fiji.

Contact: 7733988\7801243 
Email: tuma@bible.org.fj 

Ledua Turaganivalu

Operational Manager

The role of an Operational Manager within a Bible Society involves overseeing and managing the day-to-day operations of the organization.

Contact: 7733988\9478460
Email: lturaganivalu@bible.org.fj

Miliana Vulaca


The role of a Sales & Purchasing Officer involves managing the sales and purchasing activities related to the organization’s products.

Contact: 7733988\8648929
Email: mkanasalusalu@bible.org.fj

Teupola Waqanaibete

Project Officer

The role of a Project Officer within a Bible Society involves supporting and coordinating various projects.

Contact: 7733988\7371860
Email: teupola@bible.org.fj