Bible Distribution and Leadership Training on Tanna and Luganville, Santo in 2016
Report by Pastor Graeme and Sally Jackel.
Pastors and Leaders at the Leadership Seminar.

This is a brief report from Pastor Graem Jackel and his wife Sally who have been coming to Vanuatu for the last 4 years distributing more than 2,000 copies of Bislama Bibles to the people of Tanna. This year 2016 they have extended their trip to Santo running short leadership seminar for pastors and leaders and distributing Bibles to the needy people in the remote villages.

Pastor Graem and Sally Jackel came from a Baptist church in Melbourne Australia. They have plans to return to Luganville, Santo in August for another leadership training seminar for pastors and leaders in August this year 2016. They are currently raising funds to purchase another 500 copies of Bislama Bibles for free distribution to the people of Santo Bush mission villages in Santo.

Bible Society of the South Pacific – Vanuatu branch partnered with pastor Graem and Sally Jackel by giving them special mission discount to purchase Bibles for free distribution to remote villages. We also encourage other churches and Christians to come forward and get involved great Bible mission work putting Bibles God’s Word into hands of the poor people in the remote and rural villages of Vanuatu like what Pastor Graeme & Sally are doing.
Sally and I visited Tanna and Santo in April. Previously 400 Bibles had been sent to Chief Tom Numake and these were distributed to Pastors during our stay there. Another 100 Bibles and other Christian materials were forwarded after our visit there We held a seminar for 18 Pastors for 4 days and taught on End Times as outlined in the book of Daniel and Revelation. All were very hungry to receive the Word of God.
Following this we went to Luganville and met up with Wilson Kali (Christian Policeman) and Pastor Bruno of the Praise and Worship Church there. We went to a church about one hour trip away and ministered there. It was a great joy to be able to distribute Bibles to the people from the 100 Bibles that had been sent there previously. So in all we saw 600 Bibles sent out to these two places in both English and Bislama. Praise the Lord.