Joe Aropio


The Mission Consultant can be responsible for supporting and advising BSSP on various aspects of their mission or project. This could include providing strategic guidance, conducting research and analysis, facilitating communication and collaboration, managing projects, and evaluating outcomes. 

Peni Turaganivalu

Warehouse Officer

The Warehouse Officer is responsible for overseeing and managing the storage, distribution, and inventory of Bibles and other religious literature within a warehouse setting.

Apisai Tokavou


he Fiji Mission Community Relations Officer plays a pivotal role in fostering positive relationships between the Fiji Mission and various stakeholders, including community members, government agencies, local organizations, and other relevant parties. This position focuses on promoting understanding, collaboration, and engagement to support the mission’s goals and initiatives.

Patiliai Teleni

cap coordinator

The CAP Coordinator (Bible Translation) is responsible for overseeing and coordinating all activities related to the Common Approach to Translation (CAP) in the context of Bible translation. The CAP Coordinator works closely with translation teams, language experts, and stakeholders to ensure the efficient and accurate translation of the Bible into target languages. 

Ledua Tuitubou

hr&admin officer

The HR & Admin Officer will be responsible for managing day-to-day administrative tasks, coordinating HR processes, and ensuring compliance with company policies and legal requirements.

Sai Ciriavesi

Fiji mission secretary

The Fiji Mission Secretary provides administrative and secretarial support to the mission team in Fiji. This role involves managing the mission office’s administrative functions, coordinating schedules, and facilitating effective communication within the team and with external stakeholders.

Luisa Whippy

Fiji Mission Admin officer

The Fiji Mission Administrative Officer supports the administrative functions of the Fiji Mission, ensuring the smooth operation of various projects and activities related to the translation, publishing, distribution, and engagement of the Bible in Fiji.

Esivero Ratu balavu

bookshop assistant

The Bookshop Assistant plays a vital role in providing excellent customer service, managing inventory, and promoting the organization’s mission through the bookshop’s operations.

Nanise Tuikilakila

finance officer

The Finance Officer is responsible for managing the financial operations of an organization, ensuring accurate and timely financial reporting, budgeting, and compliance with financial policies and regulations. This role involves maintaining financial records, analyzing financial data, and providing financial guidance and support to the organization.