A five-day courteous visit to Nauru by the BSSP Translation Advisor at the end of September has given rise to some renewed contacts with the Churches in Nauru. The key objective of this visit was to discuss the proofreading of the scanned Nauru Bible for its entry into the Digital Bible Library with the Nauru Congregational Church Council. This would result in the Nauru Bible to be freely available and accessible through smart phones, tablets, and computers for the community in Nauru and abroad. Through the leadership of the NCC Council led by the Secretary, Rev’d Dennet Roger Mwareow, the Council then reported at the last day of meeting that the Church still feels that it needed more time to process this move by the Bible Society on their Nauru Bible. However, the visit helped to reconnect BSSP back to the local Churches in Nauru. Rev Apenisa Lewatoro has recommended that BSSP continues to work together with NCC Council and other Churches in Nauru in the lead up to BSSP’s future Bible Advocacy and Engagement programs in the Pacific region. The Nauru Congregational Church was very supportive and hospitable to their BSSP guest throughout. A return trip is highly possible once the NCC Council affirms their decision to go ahead with the digitalization of the Nauru Bible. A visit to express support to the newly elected President of Nauru, Mr Lionel Aingimea, was also arranged but took place the following Sunday after Rev Lewatoro had left the republic on the first day of October.