Community Visit: Bible Society of the South Pacific – Fiji Mission on Vanua Balavu Island, Fiji.

An old lady participated in the “Taking Your Pain to the Cross” exercise in Vanua Balavu Island, Fiji.

Vanua Balavu Island, a captivating blend of coral and volcanic beauty, spans an area of 53 square kilometers (20 square miles) and boasts a peak elevation of 283 meters (928 feet). The island’s distinct characteristics include towering cliffs with rich volcanic soil, ample water resources, and thermal springs.

Lomaloma, the central village, hosts amenities such as a post office situated in Lomaloma copra port, and a modest hospital. The Lomaloma Copra Biofuel Project, previously a crucial power source for Naqara, Sawana, and Lomaloma villages, is now inactive.

Vanua Balavu Island offers a unique fusion of natural allure, cultural heritage, and essential infrastructure, making it a standout and compelling destination in the region.

The training modules extended to Vanua Balavu encompassed Trauma Healing workshop, Hermeneutics Seminar, and Sunday School Teachers Training.

Four teams, part of the Bible Society of the South Pacific – Fiji Mission team, embarked on visits to various communities within the island. These teams were strategically designated to specific communities, each focusing on conducting impactful training sessions and activities.

After a Trauma Healing Group session at Mavana village, Vanua Balavu Island, Fiji.

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