Fiji Mission Branch

The Fiji Mission Branch was first established in early 2003 as one of the main branches to look after Fiji.
The Bible Society of the South Pacifi c is part of a worldwide fellowship of Bible Societies known as the United Bible Societies. It is a Christian organization set up to help all churches in the South Pacifi c through the translation, production, and distribution of the Bible within the South Pacifi c. We are not a church but a producer of the Bible – the basic tool for all ministries. The head offi ce is based in Fiji that oversees the Bible work in the Pacific (16 countries) but as a Fiji Mission Branch we only oversee Fiji Islands.
The heartbeat of the Bible Society’s work can be found in John 20:31, “This (the Bible) is written so that we may know that Jesus is the Messiah and through faith in Him, we may have life.”
The Bible is our best treasure given by God. It is the light, food, water, fire and cleansing agent for our lives. It is life and points to our Savior, Jesus Christ!
“Achieving the widest possible, effective, and meaningful distribution of god’s Word”
“Making God’s Word easily understood, available, accessible and credible to all people in all situations”
“The Bible for Everyone in Fiji”
What we do! Our 3 main tasks are:

1. Translation: – We translate the Word of God into various dialects. There are Six translation projects going on in the South Pacifi c and that includes the dialects here in Fiji. The work consists of a revising old Bibles and new Bibles is essential in order for people to understand God’s Word in every generation.

2. Production: We publish Bibles in the right format……..

3. Distribution: Finally we ensure that the Word of God us distributed as widely as possible to all the people by using the different channels. A regular supply of scriptures is provides through bookshops, churches, schools and individuals that visit our bookshop. We also have special projects in which we supply Bibles or Study Tools at heavily subsidized rates to students, theological students and prisons.


The Bible Society of the South Pacific –

Fiji Mission have projects that are ongoing right now. Since we oversee the Fiji area we have 6 projects that is continuing. The main purpose of these projects is to ensure that the people of Fiji are receiving the Word of God into their language or dialects.

Which are:

  1. Fijian Reference Bible
  2. Maumi Gospel of John
  3. Dawasamu Gospel of Matthew
  4. Fiji Bible Comics
  5. Ba New Testament
  6. Bible Week

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