Jesus All About Life Distribution Initiative Touches Lives in Fiji

In  an effort to share the message of Easter and bring joy to the lives of orphaned children, children in communities and the elderly, the Jesus All About Life Easter Distribution initiative took place in the Rewa Province and orphanages in the Nausori-Lami Corridor of Fiji. This collaborative  effort, made possible through partnerships with local authorities and Bible Society Australia, aimed to provide Easter storybooks for communities and the same for the orphanages but with the inclusion of food vouchers to help in their day to day operations. The initiative’s impact surpassed expectations, leaving a lasting impression on the lives of those involved.

Objective and Execution:

The primary objective of the Jesus All About Life Easter Distribution initiative was twofold: to spread the message of Easter by providing the much-needed educational and recreational resources to children in the 37 villages in the Rewa province and orphanages in the Nausori-Lami Corridor, with food vouchers to help in the day to day operations. Meticulous planning, including visits to the Rewa Provincial Council and obtaining approvals from the Department of Social Services, laid the groundwork for a successful execution. Collaborations with Bible Society Australia ensured access to Easter Storybooks.

Over a span of five days, the dedicated team embarked on a journey, visiting 37 villages across the Rewa Province and 7 Homes in the Nausori-Lami Corridor. The distribution process was carefully organized, ensuring that the storybooks and food vouchers reached the intended recipients in a timely and efficient manner.

Outcomes and Impact:

The Easter Storybooks Distribution initiative yielded amazing outcomes, touching the lives of countless children and elderly individuals in the communities visited:

Extended Reach: By distributing materials to village headmen, the initiative successfully reached a broader demographic of children, transcending denominational boundaries. The involvement of orphanages and Homes catering to the needs of disabled children and the elderly ensured that the initiative brought joy and knowledge to those who needed it the most.

Positive Impact: Feedback from the staff of orphanages and aged-care facilities was overwhelmingly positive. The provision of Easter storybooks uplifted the spirits of these communities, empowering them with tools for growth and learning.

Awareness and Collaboration: The initiative created greater awareness about the season of Easter and the work of Bible Society of the South Pacific and its partners.

Challenges and Lessons Learned:

Throughout the initiative, the team encountered various challenges, including logistical constraints and accessibility to remote villages. These hurdles served as valuable lessons, emphasizing the importance of flexibility, adaptability, and cultural sensitivity in community-driven activities. . Such challenges also shed light on the need for continued support and sustainable solutions to address the needs of these affected communities.



The Jesus All About Life Easter Distribution initiative in the Rewa Province and the Nausori-Lami Corridor of Fiji illustrated the transformative power of collaboration, compassion, and a shared vision. By extending the reach of the initiative, the team successfully touched the lives of orphaned children and the elderly, and children in the communities by spreading joy and knowledge throughout the region. This initiative not only left a lasting impact on the recipients but also paved the way for future activities aimed at promoting literacy, empathy, and inclusivity in Fiji. Through such collective efforts, we can continue to make a positive difference in the lives of those who need it the most

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