Vanuatu Travel (Consultant Checking on the Mele Four Gospels)

Annie addressing the participants about Paratext on Day 1: With Elder Vai Tasoko, Elder William Langa, Elder Mataukoto, Pastor Altavara Malapa, Elder Saavi and Kalbeau Vatoko.

The Hano language speakers from North Pentecost in Vanuatu are eagerly waiting to receive the Word of God (New Testament) in their mother-tongue once the final preparation of the scripture is completed. The printing of this scripture is scheduled for this December and the expected date of arrival is March/April 2020. The Hano translation team had been working very hard on both the translation and typesetting of this project in Port Vila over two solid weeks between 16-27 September. The BSSP Translation Adviser Rev Apenisa Lewatoro joined them in the first week while the Senior Typesetting Officer Mrs Mere Katonivere arrived the following week to supervise the typesetting of this scripture. The wonderful contribution and great effort given by the Hano Team, which comprises of the main translator Kolinette, Father John Bani and his wife, and Ms Annie Rosyln, is commended.

Lunch meeting with Pastor Phillip

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